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Has it really been four days since the last time I posted on the blog?  Sheesh.  Time flies.  Lot’s going on as we prepare for our trip.  We leave on Thursday.  Yes, this Thursday.  That’s just three days from now.

We’ve had a ton of farewell gatherings.  These have been wonderful.  So many people.  I only hope we don’t feel like we are going through withdraw when we get to Finland.  Of course we’ll have many new things to figure out once we are there.  Like where the transportation is in relation to our apartment, where can we get food, how do we get to the kids’ school, where’s the mail, where can we get internet access, and other mundane, but important questions.

One of the things I did today was sell my car.  I’ve had the car for over five years.  It was a 1997 Ford Escort and it ran well.  My wife always made fun of it because the weather strip on the windshield came off and I replaced it with duct tape.  Hey, it worked.

So now we are down to one vehicle, which we’ll be putting into storage when we leave for the airport.  It’s just another reality check on the fact that our departure is so close.

I’m super excited.