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When you move to another country, on another continent, you end up with all sorts of surprises – some good and some not-so-good.  But you do your best to keep an open mind and keep moving forward because you really don’t have another option.

When we packed for our move to Finland from the Pennsylvania, USA, we didn’t really know what to expect.  We knew it would be cold and dark in winter.  And that we would have an apartment that was somewhat furnished.  That’s about it though.

So we found 12 suitcases and packed in what we thought we would need for 11 months in our new home in Finland.

And now that we’ve been here for about two weeks, we realize we didn’t pack the right things.  We discovered this just by living here.  We packed plenty of clothes, but not enough of other stuff.  Stuff like daily living things – kitchen things, bedroom things.  Stuff that you use, but stuff that you don’t think about around your own house because it’s always there.

This had made us appreciate some of the small things in life.  It’s also been a good excuse to do some exploring in our new surroundings.  It makes for a great adventure – finding a store that sells an item, then trying to find it in a foreign language.  We’ve been pretty successful at this game, but still have some challenges of course.  (like finding clothes pins for hanging up clothes that are drying.) But that keeps the adventure going.