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So we’ve been in Finland for 22 days now.  Still no internet in our apartment.  I am able to use the internet when I’m at the University or at a public library.  This has created a little bit of a challenge for us in getting around.

There’s a great public transportation system here with bus that are on time.  There’s a great website that we can check for when buses are going to show up.  The challenge is that if we are leaving from home, unless we looked at the stop before, we don’t know what time the buses arrive.

We’re obviously getting around alright.  It’s more part of a bigger observation – having no internet in a foreign country is more difficult than not knowing the language (or more accurately slowly learning the language).

I’ve realized these last three weeks how much I rely on the internet for so many things just a click away.  It’s amazing how we forget about the convenience of the internet until it is not at our fingertips.  I am grateful for having remembered this…Now, can I have my internet again?