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Today is September 11th.  It’s the first time I’ve been out of the country on September 11th.  It’s a bit different.  I think that is true because where I am is so far away from NYC, DC and PA and the events of that fateful day in September.

There’s an occasional mention of the September 11th attacks here and there, but not much.  I’m actually going to a discussion on terrorism this evening.

But otherwise, September 11th is just another day here.

And maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  With time, normalcy, whatever that really is, sets in.  With time and distance, dates like September 11th become just another historical moment in which something bad happened – much like Dec. 7th has become for most Americans, unless they lived during that time.

I once learned that there is no set time and set process for how someone deals with loss.  Each person has their own process and their own time frame.

Some will be upset that the world doesn’t pause to remember the events of September 11th.  Some will be glad to move on with life.  And now, there will be some who don’t have a clue as to what the day signifies for so many.  A new generation comes, an older generation fades and memories change.

I pray today for an end of violence, regardless the location.  For an end of the use of the tactics of terror.  I pray for peace for all peace.  I know these are ideals, but I still pray for them.  I know there will be people in the world that will cause harm in the name of power, God, and being right.  I know all this.  I know that at times these people will have to be dealt with.  That is real politics.  I’m not a type of person who thinks that is never a reason to use violence.  I know that there are times when violence is the only way to stop another violent person/country/leader.  Sometimes violence will end up saving a whole lot of other people from experiencing violence.  It may not be pretty and it may not be pleasant, but I believe this to be true.

I also believe that we can work to end violence in many cases, so that people do not have to experience violence, or use violence.

So on this day I have a choice.  We all have a choice.  We have a choice as to how we live today and how we remember today.  Today, I choose to live life, to enjoy God’s creation and take a moment to remember those who don’t have that opportunity.  Today I also choose to pray for those who would cause others harm.  I pray for their victims.  I pray for anyone impacted by violence.  I pray and I live.  That is what I can do today.  Tomorrow is a new day.