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So I started to learn Finnish officially.  I say officially because I am taking a Finnish for Exchange Students class at the University of Helsinki.  It’s going well.  I am enjoying it and seem to be picking things up pretty well.  I’m not to the point of understanding conversations, but I can pick up what numbers are being said, and a few questions that are being asked and a yes and a no here and there.  Not too bad for the third class.

Languages are interesting to me.  Now granted, I know English really well – it is my native tongue.  And I have learned Koine Greek, but the problem with that is that it is a dead language and really only useful for reading the New Testament.  I also know a few German phrases – important things like I’d like to order a pint of beer please and where is the bathroom.  I also know a very little bit of Spanish, but not enough to even mention here.

It wasn’t always this way.  I hated learning languages in high school and college.  I didn’t see the point of learning them so long ago.  Shame on me back then.  Now I wish I would have taken it more seriously.  I wish I was already fluent in Spanish and German.  But, that’s how life goes.  Sometimes we just have to learn from our mistakes.  Thankfully, I can change things going forward.

Moi, Moi for now.