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That’s the question that keeps popping up from blogs and comments I am reading right now.  The people who are writing this are serious about it.  They aren’t doubting the importance of church.  They are articulating why they are members of a church.

And what I hear from several people is the same theme – They are members of a church in order to improve their relationship with God and with others.

I think this answer is very honest and really, isn’t that what many people seek – an improved relationship with God and with others.

I’ll throw two more pieces on this.  I learned these two from a great book – “When Helping Hurts.”  I’m sure you can look up the title on amazon or get it out of your local library.

At any rate, the authors point out something interesting.  That we all have four relationships and all four of these relationships are broken to some extent, some more than others.  It varies by person.

The four relationships are:

  1. Relationship to God
  2. Relationship to self
  3. Relationship to others
  4. Relationship to the rest of creation.

The concept is pretty all-encompassing, but I think pretty accurate.  It’s also very circular.  Each person has their own starting point and that main point impacts the others.  Some value relationship #1 the most, others #3, etc.

The point is not to fight about which is most important, but to recognize what we each value one of these as most important.  It’s also to see where you stand in that relationship and to see how it impacts the others.