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A friend of ours from our church sent this article to us before we left for Finland.  It’s an interesting article.  I read it when I first received it, then put it away.  I wanted to revisit it a couple of months into our journey.  I’m glad I did.

When I reread the article, some of the items went from interesting statements to “oh, yeah.  That’s sooo true.”  I guess it’s just one of those things that makes sense when you experience it for yourself.

I’ve always thought the same thing about military experiences.  I have friends who are veterans and active duty military personnel.  I sometimes get a glimpse of what they go through, or have gone through, which I feel privileged that they shared with me, but in reality, I don’t understand the full implications of what they are saying.  I may get what they are saying intellectually, but I don’t know it in the core of my being.

Does this mean I can’t relate?  No.  For me, it means I have questions.  I wonder.  I’m also able to share what I do know with those that also know.  I can also share what I know with those that don’t, those that question, etc.  It’s an exchange of knowledge, experience, passion, life.

Life is so interesting and diverse.  Keep on experiencing, sharing and questioning.  I know I will.