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A couple of days ago my brain went into hyper-drive thinking about mission redevelopment.  I’m not sure what set it off, but off it went.  I brainstormed old-style – with paper and pencil.  I filled a front and back of a sheet of paper before I ran out of time because a class was starting.

My brainstorming typically starts with questions that just start pouring out.  Sometimes the questions come out so fast that I can’t write the entire question because the next one is already coming and I don’t want to lose it.  Sometimes I get answers; sometimes just more questions.

I think the questions are the interesting part.  The answers are interesting but I also recognize that the answers are not full answers – they usually hit an element of truth, but don’t answer the question completely.  I also recognize that I am coming from a certain perspective and worldview, so my answers usually are skewed towards what I already believe.

But the questions intrigue me and challenge me.  I especially appreciate the questions that I don’t have answer for.  For me, this means I don’t have well-formed beliefs about the subject.  These are the areas that I try to pursue to gain understanding about the question and see where they go.

In my latest brainstorming session the questions and themes that sprung up were institutionalized organization (I’m not even sure if that is a real term or I just made it up), what is a community, how big is too big, are there different types of worshipers, what does thriving mean, what is change, how much change constitutes change, are there types of change, how are we intentional about what we do?