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So I find myself traveling again.  This time to Latvia and Lithuania.  It’s just a short trip.  I’m excited to go.  Traveling is also a bit stressful, but always worth it.

This morning some of the things going through my head were “Oh God, I hope I don’t miss the bus, or the connecting bus, or the flight, or….”  You get the idea.  I think getting to the airport and getting through the airport in plenty of time is the most stressful part of traveling – not the traveling itself.

Packing is always fun.  This was a new one for me because I’m just taking a backpack with me – no carry-ons.  I’m not going for very long and I’m alone, so packing light is important.  How much stuff do I pack.  We’ll, not much is what I determined was the answer.  I figured out that if I pull together everything I need and put it on the bed and then go through it a second time, I’ll pull out stuff I don’t actually need.  This worked out well – my backpack wasn’t bulging at the seems, but it was pleasantly full.

Phones are a bit tricky.  There won’t be phone service with my current carrier when I get there.  Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal.  The only issue is, like I said before, I’m traveling alone.  Thankfully in this age, the internet is a blessing – I can Skype my family to let them know I’m safe and sound when I arrive.

Otherwise, I’m feeling good, excited, a bit nervous about finding my way around without someone I already know that I can bounce ideas off of.  I’m excited to see these two places I have never been before, but have know about for a long, long time.

Riga is also the name of the town that was near the one I grew up in.  And the Hill of Crosses I had heard about 25 years ago from my pastor who was from Lithuania.  I always though it would be awesome to go see it.  Now I’m getting the opportunity – amazing how life turns out, isn’t it?