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Ok, so I started a new project to go along with everything else I am doing.  This actually stemmed from an assignment we did for an online class I’m taking.  We were to go back in time and pretend we were witnessing the crowning of King Rehoboam as king of Israel.  We could tweet as someone from Judah (the southern kingdom) or as someone from the Northern kingdom.

My posting generating some comments that encouraged me to take it a bit farther.  So I took up the challenge and created a Twitter account.  My account will be used for one thing only – to tweet “eye-witness” accounts of Bible events as they happened.  Well, you know, as I would have tweeted them had I been there.  Or maybe just a humorous comment, or some sarcasm, or …. you get the idea.  I plan on having fun with this and seeing where it goes.

If you like the idea, you can follow along.  I have a widget on the side of my blog that shows the tweets.  You can also go to the Twitter page if you want to post a reply or retweet or something else.  I encourage others to jump in on the fun and post your own “eye-witness” tweets.

I’ll post what Scripture passage I’m “witnessing” for my tweets, just in case something is a bit obscure.