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Since the elections in the US occurred last week, I’ve heard many people talk about “the other side” – people that have opposing view points. It’s been interesting to listen and read these thoughts. It’s also interesting to see that the opinions of “the other side” seem awfully similar regardless of what side of the political spectrum someone is. “The other side” is crazy, or power hungry, or going to destroy the country through their policies, etc. The same arguments are used after each election cycle, the side that uses it changes, but the arguments are the same. And yet, here we are…still…

So here’s a thought – we’re all delusional. And since politics and religion have many similarities, I think the same can said about religion too.

A liberal in politics and/or religion is someone who is delusional enough to think that people will follow the policy or the law and actually buy into the belief around it. A conservative in politics and/or religion is delusional enough to believe that people will follow the policy or law and buy into the idea it is the right thing to do. Everyone else is delusional enough to think that if they just follow the policy or law long enough someone else will get in charge and remove it/change it for the better.

That may sound pretty cynical. Sorry about that. But I won’t leave you at such a low point. The good news is we can laugh at this. We can recognize that some people take life way to seriously – even the “important” things like religion and politics. For me, I can recognize that God’s the one in charge – thank God for that. I think that God has a sense of humor and is pretty good at messing up humanity’s plans (that’s a good thing BTW). Of course, God doesn’t need a lot of help messing humanity’s plans up – we’re pretty good at messing things up ourselves, thank you very much.

And yet, in all of this messiness and power and organization and seriousness we know that God loves us. It is in fact in the times of messiness and abuse of power and over organization and seriousness that we can see God with us.