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Just a couple of blocks from St. Peter’s Church is the Riga Dome Church, otherwise known as the Riga Cathedral.  Like the previous churches, this one is also Lutheran.  It’s like Lutheran heaven being in Old Town Riga…Riga Dome Church And just when I thought a church couldn’t get any bigger in Old Town Riga, I was proved wrong when I came upon the Dome Church.  It’s massive in size, and elegant and gorgeous.  It definitely conveys the majesty of God.

Riga Dome ChurchFrom Wikipedia

Built near the River Daugava in 1211 by Livonian Bishop Albert of Riga, who came from Lower Saxony in northwestern Germany, it is considered the largest medieval church in the Baltic states. It has undergone many modifications in the course of its history.

Riga Dome ChurchSitting next to the church is a large open square.  I tried to capture a sense of the size of the square with a panoramic shot.

Riga Dome ChurchNext travel post will be on the interior of the cathedral.  Stay tuned.