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The title of this post sounds like the title for a song in a weird kind of way.  And maybe that’s a good thing.  Today I’m combining two subjects that are right next to each other, but a bit different.  I’m not sure what that would sound like in music – maybe something like Trans Siberian Orchestra or something.

I made my way over to what is called Jacob’s Barracks:

Jacob's barracks, Riga, LatviaIt was originally used as just that, a barracks when the Swedish controlled the area.  It’s now filled with shops, bars and restaurants.

At one end of the barracks still remains one of the Swedish gates:

Swedish Gate, Riga, LatviaIt was pretty neat for a gate.  I really liked the detail at the keystone.

Swedish Gate, Riga, LatviaNice beard!

When you stand on the south side of the gate you get a nice view of a couple of old streets. Very quaint and peaceful.

Streets of Riga LatviaIt makes you want to just stop and enjoy a drink at a cafe or think about the history of the city.

Streets of Riga Latvia