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I made three last stops on my first day in Riga, Latvia before it got too dark to see much.

First of the three stops – the Powder Tower.

Powder Tower, Riga, LatviaThe Powder Tower is one of Riga’s fortification towers and was originally called the Sand Tower.  It dates back to 1330.  It gained its current name in the 17th century when gunpowder was stored in the tower.  Since 1919 it houses the Latvian War Museum.

I didn’t go in.  Mostly because it was that time of the day when museums were closing and well, I was getting tired and hungry, so the outside view was good enough for me.  It’s a large tower – a really impressive looking structure right across the street from Jacob’s barracks.  At this corner, you really feel the military history of Old Town Riga.

After seeing the tower, I went over to Three Wall Street.

Three Wall Street, Riga, LatviaThis impressive structure was pretty neat.  It is hidden away and you would never know where it was, or that it existed, unless you had a tourist map.  It’s actually in an inner courtyard surrounded by shops.

Here’s the history of this location according to the brochure – “Following the cholera epidemic in 1894, the city decided to increase its number of artesian wells.  Inside the courtyard you’ll find the Golden Knight statue towering above one of these wells.”

Pretty cool!

Then lastly before finding food and turning in for the night, I spotted this lovely place…

Restaurant 1221, Riga, LatviaIt’s a restaurant which I thought was just really neat looking.

Next travel post, I’ll be transitioning to the trip down to Lithuania and the Hill of Crosses.