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Thanksgiving 2014Being away from the US on Thanksgiving makes for an interesting observance of the day.  Here in Finland, it’s just another day.

Last weekend, we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with a Finnish twist.  One of the groups we participate in, Colourful Espoo, decided to host a Thanksgiving dinner.  My wife and another American were the main cooks, since, well, we were the only ones who knew what went into a Thanksgiving meal.

It really struck me when one of people asked if the apple crisp was a desert or part of the main meal.  There were lots of people who came who had never had been to a Thanksgiving meal, or tried pumpkin pie, or knew anything about the holiday.

I was asked to do a little research on the holiday.  Yes, I know the general story, but when I looked a little deeper, it was great to so much about it and to share that story with people who knew nothing about Thanksgiving.

We spent several days cooking, getting up in the middle of the night to check the turkey and other things (yes, I helped with this).

It was all worth it I looked around during the meal and saw the smiling faces of people enjoying the food, and a sense of community enjoying each others company.  It was also great to see others who had the Thanksgiving full tummy look on their face – you know the look – the “I’m barely awake because I stuffed myself with turkey and good food” look.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US from Finland.  You are in our prayers today.  And for us, we’re thankful for the opportunity to be abroad and experience so many wonderful things for this year.