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After the two-hour bus ride down to Lithuania, I had about 45 minutes to grab some lunch, exchange currency and figure out how to get to the Hill of Crosses from the city of Siauliai, Lithuania.

Thankfully, all three of these things were pretty easy.  I hoped on a local bus (which had really cheap bus fare), and made my way on the 15 minute journey to the bus stop near the Hill of Crosses.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaThe Hill of Crosses is really out in the middle of farm land, away from the city.  In fact, it was quite amusing to find the bus stop at this empty looking corner in the middle of farmland.  This is what I saw.

bus stop near the hill of crosses, LithuaniaThis was the only thing around the bus stop.  Literally.  There was an older woman beating a rug out back.  Other than that, and the other visitors, there was not a soul around.  It kind of set the scene nicely actually.

The Hill of Crosses is set in solitude.  You need that when you visit it in order to take everything in, have some peace within you and experience God’s presence.

After the bus let us off at the stop, I started walking.  The sign said 2 km.  It seemed pretty fitting that I would have to walk since I was kind of on a pilgrimage.  Off in the distance I got my first sighting of the hill.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew this much, I could tell it was going to be a bit overwhelming – but in a good way.  So many crosses!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI kept going.  I kept getting closer.  It kept looking bigger.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI was feeling pretty good about the whole experience.  This was a place I had heard about some 25 years ago from my pastor who was from Lithuania originally and had visited the site and had told me about it when I was a kid.  It was always one of those places that I thought “it would be awesome to go there sometime.”  And here I was, approaching it.  The feelings within me were immense.  This wasn’t just a tourist location for me to see – this was the fulfillment of a long-held wish.  This was the adult me, taking the kid in me to a location I only dreamed about.  A great moment.