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Today is part two of the three-part blogging focus on the really unique crosses I came across at the Hill of Crosses, Lithuania.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaYesterday I wrote that crosses are like people in that they are unique and special in so many ways.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaThe image and the language of a cross means a great deal.  Even when we can’t understand everything in the language, the image helps us.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaSomething that is on my mind today is the criticism that is often leveled at religion – that religion causes more war than anything else.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaI don’t know if there has ever been any study that actually shows this notion to be true.  I suspect there isn’t and there really couldn’t be.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaHow would anyone isolate the cause of conflict to one specific thing?

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaMaybe the cause of conflict is not something out there – like religion, or politics, or skin color, or systems, or anything else outside of ourselves.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaMaybe the cause of conflict in the world is us.  Maybe it’s our brokenness.  Maybe it stems from the frustration we experience because the world doesn’t do things the way we want it to.  Maybe it’s our own recognition that we are rather small in the world and we want to change that.  Maybe it’s the fear of death.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaAnd yet, hidden away, like a statue in the midst of so many crosses, maybe God is there, watching, waiting for us to stop what we are doing, to stop trying so hard, to stop doing and to start being.  Being a child of God that God has made us to be.  It doesn’t take extra effort to be this.  It doesn’t take extra effort to be this by doing stuff.  We just are.