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Today is the last posting of unique crosses I found at the Hill of Crosses, Lithuania.  It’s been a real treat to post these on the blog and to reflect on them.  So without further ado – here is the final installment of the crosses before moving on to the rest of the trip.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaThis cross reminded me of Luther’s flower.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaAnd this of an Orthodox cross.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaWho knew God played peek-a-boo.  I’m not even sure what the eye is all about.  In fact, it was a bit creepy looking at this cross, but I had to get a picture of it because it was so unique.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaI have to say, this was one of the coolest things I saw here.  The detail in the wood carving is awesome.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaTalk about using what you have.  very creative.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaAgain, the creativity is pretty impressive.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaAnother favorite – it’s so simple and smooth looking.  It is also reflective.  Can’t beat that.

Hill of Crosses, LithuaniaOf course, this is what it’s all about – Jesus.

Next time, back to the trip – my visit to Siauliai, Lithuania.