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After I left the Hill of Crosses, I started walking back to the bus stop.  I was filled with awe and wonder and enjoyed the view around me.

countryside, LithuaniaIt was peaceful and I enjoyed the quiet solitude that was around me.  As I walked the 2 km back to the bus stop, I would stop and look back at the Hill of Crosses thinking to myself that this may very well be the only time I ever visit this place.  A bit sad at that thought, but also grateful for the opportunity to have been here.

I returned back to the city of Siauliai and started doing some more sight-seeing of other locations I wanted to see.

First stop was Resurrection square.

Resurrection Park, Siauliai, LithuaniaThe square was really an empty space in the middle of the city – more like a park, but I did find this statue above, which I thought was amusing.

I went across the street to the Discs of the Sun.

Discs of the Sun, Saiuliai, LithuaniaI wasn’t sure what to expect.  In one sense it was similar to Resurrection Square in that it was a large empty open space with a few trees.  And then I could see the large Discs.

Discs of the Sun, Saiuliai, LithuaniaThis was an interesting piece in the middle of the city.  The sun is a big thing for this small city – Siauliai.  The city itself has an interesting history that goes back to 1236, when it was founded.  Yes, that’s right – 1236.  You can read all about the city here.

Next travel post – another big church…