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After going to see the Iron Fox at Talksa Lake, I worked my way back into the main part of Siauliai, Lithuania.  I found myself on Vilnius Street – which is the main business district in the city.

Vilniaus Street, Siauliai, LithuaniaI was a bit surprised by the relatively few number of people walking around during the day.  This was a Monday afternoon and the streets seemed a bit bare for the main business district.

Vilniaus Street, Siauliai, LithuaniaThe city of Siauliai has done a nice job of making the street so pedestrian friendly.  It was actually quite nice.

When you walk along Vilnius Street you come to the center of town and find this:

Cockerel Clock Square, Siauliai, LithuaniaIt is the Cockerel Clock.  Yes, there is a cockerel on top of the clock.  I’m not sure why and I didn’t feel like looking it up on Wikipedia.  You are certainly welcome to if it interests you that much.  However, I just found the clock kind of amusing.  As a visitor with very little knowledge of the history of Siauliai, I can only imagine the conversation that went on when the people who built it were deciding what it should look like.  Maybe it sounded like this:

Person 1 – We’re making this clock in the square.

Person 2 – Ok, but you know there are watches…

Person 1 – Yes, but our clock is going to be different

Person 2 – Oh…How so?

Person 1 – We’re going to put an animal on the top of it.

Person 2 – (looking puzzled) Why?

Person 1 – Because how else are we going to get people to pay attention to our clock?

Person 2 – Good point.  What animal are you putting up there – a cute cuddly kitten or a playful dog – people love kittens and dogs.  You know some day, people will spend hours looking at some advanced piece of technology looking for cute kittens and playful dogs.

Person 1 – Are you kidding, that will never catch on.  I’m thinking of something more, I don’t know, attention grabbing, deep philosophically.  I’m debating between a skunk and a cockerel.

Person 2 – Oh.  That’s an interesting selection.  In that case, I vote for the cockerel.

Person 1 – Great thanks.  Let’s get started.