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Doing some more catching up on random events that we have experienced here in Finland…And without any further ado, the St. Lucia/St. Lucy Celebration.  St. Lucia’s feast day is December 13.  This tradition comes from the Swedes, but it carried over to Finland.  This isn’t really surprising though given Sweden’s long history of controlling Finland in the past.

You can read all about the history behind St. Lucia at Wikipedia.  It’s worth the read, she has an interesting history, as most martyrs do.

Back to the present, there is a large ceremony at the Helsinki Cathedral. There are so many people who attend this event that they set up a large screen for everyone in Senate Square to watch, since the Cathedral is jam-packed.

St. Lucia celebration, Helsinki, FinlandBeing outside, watching the screen, you can see everything going on inside of Cathedral.  It’s very processional and elegant.

St. Lucia celebration, Helsinki, FinlandThen the person who will be St. Lucia for the year is crowned.

St. Lucia celebration, Helsinki, FinlandAfter the St. Lucia is crowned, with real lit candles, then she heads outside to greet the people assembled.

St. Lucia celebration, Helsinki, FinlandAnd boy is there a large crowd assembled.

St. Lucia celebration, Helsinki, FinlandIt’s really quite an interesting tradition to honor a martyr.