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On the third day of my trip to the Baltics, I was back in Riga, Latvia.  Only this time I wanted to see some of the sites out of the confines of Old Town Riga.  So I ventured on foot for a long day of walking the streets and seeing the sites.

First up was the journey to the National Library. I came to the Akmens Tilts (or bridge in English).  It’s a long bridge to walk across, but the views are incredible.  Here I am looking back at Old Town Riga.

Akmens tilts, Riga, LatviaAnd here’s a view Vansu Tilts – another incredible bridge a little to the north along the River Daugava.

View from Akmens tilts, Riga, LatviaAfter crossing the river, I came to the first site on my list for the day – The National Library.

National Library, Riga, LatviaIt’s really quite an impressive building in so many respects.  Just look at the architecture.

National Library, Riga, LatviaI reminded me of an awesome looking sledding hill at first glance.  But when you get inside, it’s even more amazing.

National Library, Riga, LatviaLook at all the books!!!   That’s what I call heaven.

National Library, Riga, Latvia

The library had some interesting exhibits that I wanted to go through.  I also wanted to just explore the floors of the library.  And I would have taken more pictures, but there were an awful lot of guys dressed in suits with those clear ear pieces in their ear hanging around – ie Secret Service people. I was guessing that the President or another high-ranking Latvian official was on their way to the Library soon.  There was already a small crowd waiting to greet the VIP and the guys in suits kept a watchful eye on everyone there.  That makes taking pictures a little uncomfortable.  So it was time for me to move on to my next stop – The Soviet Victory Monument.