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After leaving Usvaras Park, I headed back towards the River Daugava.  I found my way back to the Vansu tilts (bridge, in English).  It’s quite the structure – very tall and impressive.

Vansu tilts, Riga, LatviaThe River Daugava is quite wide actually.  It takes a good 10 minutes to walk across the bridge.

One of the other neat things about this bridge is the tunnel that goes under the road before the actual tunnel.  You won’t find anything written about this on any tourist map.

Vansu tilts, Riga, LatviaHere you will find some very unique and creative “public” art – or graffiti in plain english.  But it’s actually more than just graffiti – there are actually some designs and pictures like the one shown above.

Next up – I journey over to Kipsala, in Riga.