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After strolling through Kipsala, I made my way back through Old Town Riga to the old KGB building.

KGB Building, Riga, LatviaI imagine the building looks about the same way as it did when it was in operation.

I think it’s interesting to see how occupied countries deal with their past.  We recently went to Tallinn, Estonia (I’ll be posting about this trip in the future) and the former KGB is not marked and has been refurbished as an apartment building – you would never know what it was.

But Latvia will have none of that – they want to make it plain to every one of what happened in Riga during the Soviet occupation.  And so, the KGB building is now a museum that highlights the atrocities that occurred there.

KGB Building, Riga, LatviaThe thing that I found most interesting about the location is that it sits on the opposite end of town from the Soviet Victory Park.  And smack dab in the middle is the Freedom monument.  Geographically it’s almost hard to escape the Soviet influence.

Another interesting piece about the building is this door…

KGB Building, Riga, LatviaThe plaque beside it gives a good description of it.

KGB Building, Riga, LatviaUnfortunately I couldn’t go into the building, it was closed that day.

KGB Building, Riga, LatviaI couldn’t help but take a picture of the sign.  It seemed like a bit of humorous irony to have a sign up in a former Soviet occupied country that the KGB building is closed.  Like duh!  Of course it’s closed.