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One of my most favorite things about being in Finland is winter.  That’s right – winter in Finland.  It’s different from winter in the US – or at least the parts of the US I am most familiar with.

Winter in FinlandI don’t necessarily think that the difference has to do with the landscape though.  The US has some amazing landscapes.

Winter in FinlandI’ve been fortunate enough to have visited some of these.  They are truly amazing.  No, it’s something different from that.

Winter in FinlandIt’s not the fact that in the “dead” of winter, there is little sunlight either – although that is certainly a bit different.  The height of the sun on most days does go up very far in winter.

Winter in FinlandBut it’s not the sun that makes winter in Finland different either.

Winter in FinlandWhat makes winter in Finland different is the attitude about winter of the people here.  They look forward to the snow!  It brightens everything up.  It makes everything look and feel fresh.  It makes going outside enjoyable.  The people here look forward to skiing and ice skating outside among other activities.

Winter in FinlandYes, winter in Finland is different and better in many ways.  It of course comes with its own challenges, but for today, I’ll stick with the graces.