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Today I start posting the next travel series here on the blog – our trip to Porvoo, Finland in November.  This was a day trip – so we jammed in as much as possible in course of about 12 hours.  We went on Father’s Day here in Finland, so that means a lot of places were closed, but that didn’t stop us – we had a great time.

We took the bus from Helsinki to Porvoo – a nice hour to an hour and a half trip.  When we got off the bus we headed towards the river.  Our first stop – to see the Runeberg statue:

Runeberg statue, Porvoo, FinlandJohan Runeberg is a significant figure in Finnish history.  He lived in the 1800’s when Finland was a Grand Duchy of Russia, is still considered the national poet, and wrote in Swedish.  He lived and taught in Porvoo.  (You’ll see his house in a later post.).  He is famous for writing one of Finland’s greatest epic poems and his first poem became the Finnish National Anthem – pretty impressive if you ask me.  There’s a street among other things named after him in Helsinki too.

After visiting with Johan for a bit, we moved down to the river.

Porvoo River, Porvoo, FinlandI can imagine that in the summer this is a hopping location.  There was a restaurant on a dock on the water, a nice walkway and this cool looking bridge.

Porvoo River, Porvoo, FinlandThere are also boats docked along the river.  It’s just a pleasant area that reminds me of the Erie Canal in Western NY state.

After we walked along the river, we went over to old town Porvoo.  Old town Porvoo really has an old town feel.

Porvoo, FinlandThe houses, the streets, you name it all feel authentically old.  Not in a bad way either.  More like walking into the past old.  Pretty neat for a small city to pull off.

Next up – some candy, and sites.