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As we walked through the streets we came across Brunberg Candy…

Brunberg candy, Porvoo, FinlandWe went in to the store and bought some delicious chocolate.  Mmmm.

After our little break to taste heaven, we continued down the streets passing by some really neat shops and houses.  Unfortunately, most were closed because of it being a national holiday – Father’s Day.  So we had to suffice by looking in the windows.

window in Porvoo, FinlandWe continued exploring the amazing streets of Porvoo…

streets of Porvoo, Finlanduntil we came to the old town hall square.

old town hall square, Porvoo, FinlandIt’s a beautiful open space.  I can envision town gatherings in past happening here.

There were some interesting buildings around the square too.  There’s the Holm House…

Holm House, Porvoo, FinlandAnd of course the Town Hall building, which is now the Porvoo Museum.

Town Hall, Porvoo, FinlandThe building was completed in 1764 and the building is one of Finland’s oldest town halls.  It was in this Town Hall that the nobility and the burgher’s estates convened during the Diet of Porvoo in 1809.  No, this was not a town-wide effort to lose weight, but rather an important meeting in which Finland was transferred from Sweden to become a Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire, but still maintaining a level of independence – quite an amazing accomplishment actually.

Town Hall, Porvoo, FinlandThe tower of the Town Hall as built some years after the rest of the building.  It’s a pretty neat sight to see.