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After we saw the beautiful sculptures along the paths of Porvoo, we made our way to the Cathedral in the middle of old town Porvoo.  The Cathedral is big, but not too big.  It’s beautiful, but not like The Vatican beautiful, and it’s old, but not like Monty Python imagery of old cathedrals.

I would call the cathedral quaint.

Porvoo Cathedral, FinlandIt has a beautiful charm to it.  It just feels like it belongs here in a quaint older town in Finland.

Porvoo Cathedral, FinlandThis was another tower next to the cathedral and the red building is the parish hall – obviously a newer structure.  When we were there, it was the one of the weeks of church elections that were going on so, there was more activity in the parish hall than normal.  Church elections are a big deal in Finland and done a bit differently than in the US – but that’s for another post sometime.

When you stand near the cathedral and look out towards the Porvoo river, you are treated with this view…

Porvoo, FinlandEven on a gray, overcast day, it is still beautiful.

Next up – we venture inside the cathedral for several posts.  Being a seminarian, I can’t help doing multiple posts on this – there’s a ton inside the building to highlight and it would be too much for just one post.