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After walking around the outside or the Porvoo Cathedral, it was time to go inside.

Porvoo cathedral, Porvoo, FinlandTo say the interior is just a beautiful and quaint as the outside would be an understatement.  It has old world charm, yet seems cozy enough to not be intimidating.

Porvoo cathedral, Porvoo, FinlandNo one was playing the organ at the time – although we certainly wished we could have heard the organ.  I can only imagine how wonderful it sounds.

Porvoo cathedral, Porvoo, FinlandI found sailing ships in several older Lutheran churches in Finland.  Again, I don’t know the history of this, but I’m guessing it has to do with shipping and fishing and naval activities being a huge part of Finland’s past.

Porvoo cathedral, Porvoo, FinlandWho doesn’t love a chandelier, huh?

Porvoo cathedral, Porvoo, FinlandThe paintings on the wall are beautiful. They have an image of each of the four Gospel writers.  Images of saints are really neat because the image usually tells a story about the person depicted.

Up next – closer details of the pulpit.