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Ok, so the title might a little misleading.  But, I wasn’t really sure how to title today’s post, so at the end you can determine if it’s accurate.

First stop – the bishop’s residence.

Porvoo, Finland This is the Bishop’s seat of Finland’s Swedish-speaking diocese that was established in Porvoo in 1923.  The bishop’s official residence was completed in 1927 and is still in use today.

From the good bishop’s residence, we traveled up this path…

Porvoo, FinlandThe path has quite a bit of an incline, as you can see from the picture.  That is until you reach this:

Porvoo, FinlandOn this day, it was a bit slippery, making it even more challenging.  This path culminates in a place called Pirunportaat, or in English – The Devil’s Stairs.

Porvoo, FinlandI know this will be shocking, but the route is not maintained in winter.

According to an old tale, the devil himself had a hand in creating this rock formation that resembles a set of stairs.

When you get to the top, you are rewarded for your efforts of climbing with this view:

Porvoo, FinlandSo pretty.

Up next:  Our next travel post will be views of and from the small park near the Devil’s Stairs.