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As you walk through Porvoo, you realize a few things.  First, the town is absolutely beautiful, regardless of the weather.

Porvoo, FInland

Second, you can’t help but come to the river.  It’s unavoidable – everything comes together at the river and with good reasons.  Historically rivers have been the life of towns.  This is certainly true of Porvoo.

Porvoo, FInlandWhile the town changes, the bridges change, the people change and even some of the housing changes, the constant is the river.

Porvoo, FInland

Water is essential for life.  This is certainly true for people and other living creatures, but I would argue that water is also essential for cultural life as well.  It’s a gathering point and it has a leveling effect.

Porvoo, FInlandOn top of that, it adds an unbelievable artist element too.

Porvoo, FInland

Doesn’t that just look like a post card?  Imagine that picture without the water?  It’s just not the same and not as beautiful, is it?

When we crossed the river, we found something else – our connection to nature.

Porvoo, FInland

Kids and trees – a match made in heaven.  Boy, if this tree could talk, I can only imagine the stories it would be able to tell.