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One of the great places to troll around when you are exploring Porvoo is the Linnamäki hill fort.  I could go into a full description of it…Or I could just show you the picture of the sign describing it…I’ll go with the sign.

Linnamäki hillfort, PorvooWe didn’t know what to expect when we came to the hill fort. This is what we found…

Linnamäki hillfort, Porvoo

It’s like a dream come true for kids.  Areas to climb and go up and down hills, etc.

Linnamäki hillfort, Porvoo

Who wouldn’t love running up and down the hills?

Linnamäki hillfort, Porvoo

It’s actually quite beautiful and I can see why it was a great site for a fort.  It’s high up, and has great defensive features.