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…so as the Finns do – ski.

The Finnish school system has this whole thing worked out – a third of the country gets a week off at a time.  Last week was southern Finland’s week off. It is affectionately known as ski week because so many people take the opportunity to leave the cold and snow and go where this…more snow.  The Finns love to ski and this is an opportunity to ski for a week straight.

We took part in Ski week too since the kids had off of school and I didn’t have any classes at the University either.  We cross-country skied and went down hill too.  It was a first for the kids to do both kinds of skiing and they loved it.

For the cross-country portion, we went to a park in Leppävaara in Espoo.  The city of Espoo has turned this sports area, with its trails into a cross-country skiing track.  Not just any track either.  In fact, since it often has been getting above freezing, the city makes man-made snow to keep the track going longer.

Skiing in Leppävaara, Finland

There is a 2.0 km, 2.7 km, 3.5 km and 5.0 km track for people to ski on.  And there are plenty of hills to climb and go down on the path.  It’s well maintained and well used.

Later in the week we tried our hand at downhill skiing.  It went great.  We went to Swinghill, which is small downhill area in the Nuuksio National Park.  It’s a good place for new skiers to try out downhill skiing.

It’s well maintained and again, gets lots of use, but is not too intimidating either.  By the end of our time, the kids acting like pro’s on the hills – our oldest son even trying the “big” hill a couple of times.  It’s definitely much steeper.

Swinghill, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland

Overall, another great week of skiing.  And the best part for us is that it was all close by – all within the limits of Espoo.