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Right before Christmas, 2014, we decided to go to Tallinn, Estonia for a few days.  When you live in the Helsinki area, you know it would be a crime not to go to Tallinn – It’s only a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride across the Gulf of Finland to Tallinn.

To get there, we took the Viking Line ferry.

Ferry to Tallinn, Estonia

The ferry is quite large, as you can see from the picture.

Ferry to Tallinn, Estonia

It was smooth sailing to get there with a little bit of wavy feeling on the ferry – enough to notice, but that’s about it.

Inside, there is a tax free shop in which half the store is alcohol.  And yes, it was being bought big time.  We saw several people wheeling off five cases of beer at a time.  The price is ok, but not that great.  It’s funny to see, but also a bit sad as well.  When you see things like that, you automatically think of the stereotypes about people in this part of the world and alcohol.

Also on the ferry are a couple of restaurants, some entertainment and slot machines.  We found a free table on the ship, which was jam packed on the way there.  We played card games and wandered through the ferry.  It was a pleasant ride there.

Then we finally saw it – our destination.


Well, this was the first thing we saw from the ferry anyway.  Everyone was excite to arrive and start our adventure in a new country.

Next travel post – some random things we saw on the way to our hotel.