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Once we arrived at the port of Tallinn, Estonia, we took a walk to our hotel a couple of kilometers away.  We wanted to walk around and familiarize ourselves with the city.  What better way to do that than walking to the hotel.

It was a pleasant walk and we came across some pretty things that we would have never seen had we taken a taxi.

How often do you across something like this:

mug shots in Tallinn, EstoniaDon’t we look beautiful?

At any rate, the kids had a blast with the cut out.

We kept going and came across a unique gingerbread display.

gingerbread in Tallinn, EstoniaThere was a whole room full of these unique masterpieces.  Here is one of my favorites:

gingerbread, Tallinn, Estonia

Again, we would have never seen these had we taken a taxi.  Exploring like this can be a lot of fun – you never know what you will find.  And that’s a fun way to get kids to go on a walk in a place they have never been before.  It’s a game of “tell me what you see.”

Tallinn at night