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Nothing beats a Christmas Market a few days before Christmas.

Christmas Market, Tallinn, EstoniaIt looks just like a post card doesn’t it?

Christmas Market, Tallinn, EstoniaOne of the main reasons we wanted to come to Tallinn was to see and experience the Christmas market here.  It was quite fascinating and beautiful.

The Christmas market is right in the middle of old town Tallinn.

Christmas Market, Tallinn, Estonia

It’s a beautiful scene and smells good too.  There is plenty of glögi with varying degrees of alcohol mixed in (up to 30%, wow).  There’s sausage and potatoes and gingerbread cookies and other treats too.

Christmas Market, Tallinn, Estonia

Even old town hall looks festive.  And under the center arch of the town hall is the nativity scene.

Christmas Market, Tallinn, EstoniaHaving the nativity scene tucked away seems a bit ironic in a way and fitting at the same time.  Here you have the whole basis for why Christmas exists, tucked away off to the side under an arch.  It is reminiscent of the first nativity – a young couple who can’t find a place to stay so they are put up somewhere off the beaten path, out-of-the-way, out of the public eye, and out of the thoughts of most people.  The people who come are the outcasts of society, the lowest of the low and those labeled negatively.  Lest you think that the three kings were kings, they were likely astrologers – another group that would have been outcasts in society.  The outcasts and the strangers are the ones who came to see Jesus. It still seems true today. They come, quietly, off the beaten path, looking and searching and finding.  Or rather – being brought in from afar.