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We visited Heitaniemi cemetery in Helsinki on March 6, with no special plan of what we wanted to see or do, but rather just to wander through the ground of the cemetery.  As you know from the last post, we came across Mannerheim’s grave, which was a pleasant surprise.

As we continued our walk through the cemetery we came across another discovery – a wreath laying ceremony was about to begin.

Heitaniemi cemetery, Helsinki, FinlandThe tomb that the soldiers are standing guard at is for Vilho Nenonen, who was born on March 6, 1883.  He was a Finnish artillery general who died in 1960.  He was a war hero in WWII.

We came to the are near the tomb and saw these military men starting to gather and knew something was going to happen, so we waited to see.

Heitaniemi cemetery, Helsinki, FinlandThey marched over to the tomb…

Heitaniemi cemetery, Helsinki, Finlandand proceeded to conduct a short wreath laying ceremony.

Heitaniemi cemetery, Helsinki, FinlandThey read the words on the ribbon on the wreath out loud and proceeded to put the wreath at the tomb.

And then stood at attention for some time before marching off and then doing what veterans do – tell each other war stories, reminisce over brotherhood and times spent with each other in battle and peacetime.

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