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After walking around the wall, we ventured to St. Nicholas “church.”  I put church in parenthesis because, based on what I could tell, it is used as a museum now.  (However, I could be wrong on that – if anyone have accurate information, please leave a comment below).

St. NIcolas Church, Tallinn, EstoniaWe didn’t go inside because there is a charge for visitors and when you have six people (four of which are children), walking through any museum gets pricy and you never get the chance to truly enjoy it.  But you can read the interesting history of the church here.

So after walking around the church a bit, we set off for Rataskaevu St. It’s really quite a beautiful street.

Rataskaevu St., Tallinn, EstoniaIt’s the picturesque Old Town that everyone imagines, complete with passageways.

Rataskaevu St., Tallinn, EstoniaTell me that isn’t cool!

Rataskaevu St., Tallinn, EstoniaAbigail also had the opportunity to make a new “friend.”

Rataskaevu St., Tallinn, EstoniaYes, she’s a bit tall, but we won’t judge her for that.