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I’m convinced that you can find unique things in every city in the world.  It’s almost not to have something unique because people are unique and it is the people who make things.

Tallinn is no different.  We loved finding all sorts of unique things throughout Old Town Tallinn.

Of course there are plenty of embassies.  They aren’t unique, but the buildings they are housed in are.  Take the Swedish embassy.  It’s classy.

Tallinn, EstoniaJust down the street from the embassy has got to be the world’s smallest chapel.  I don’t know anything about this chapel.  But I can tell you that there are a few icons inside and the door was locked.

Tallinn, EstoniaAnd who doesn’t love traveling to a different continent and finding food from your own country?  Just kidding.  I can only imagine…

Tallinn, EstoniaOf course, one of the most unique things about any city is the views that you get when you walk around.

Tallinn, EstoniaAnd of course the food – whether you are eating it or are amazing at what you can build with it.

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