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III Draakon, Tallinn, EstoniaOne of the fun things to do on any trip is to experience the food.  And what better way to experience the food when the whole experience is themed?

For us, that meant we hit III Draakon (it means three dragons) in the Town Hall.  It’s a fun experience and the food was great too.

III Draakon, Tallinn, EstoniaThe whole place looks like it is out of the Middle Ages.  It’s actually quite dark.  In fact, it’s so dark that when I took a picture the first time all you could see was the light around the candles and nothing else.

Anyway, the food was great.  And the kids liked it too.

III Draakon, Tallinn, EstoniaI mean, who doesn’t love eating a whole sausage without any silverware?  It was tasty!  Everything on the menu comes in a bowl and is very reasonable priced.  And the servers take on a medieval attitude too, which makes the whole experience even more fun.

III Draakon, Tallinn, EstoniaCheers!