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After the Via Crucis left the park, the production, with Jesus in the lead, traveled to the next setting – the Bank of Finland, for the trial of Jesus.  Considering that a price had been paid for Jesus, it seemed fitting that the next location would be in front of the National bank.

Along the way, there were drummers who gave directions via their drumming – follow the sound on your way from the park to the bank.  Here’s a picture of one of the drummers.

Via CrucisThe face looks like death – the drumbeat of death – which is the whole idea.

It seemed as though the crowd grew as we walked along.  When we got to the bank, the crowd easily doubled.  People had gotten there early to get a good spot.  I was fortunate enough to make my way through the crowd to the other side, closer to the cathedral and closer to where the last scene would take place.

First up was the trial before the authorities.

Our friends from the religious authorities were first to return:

Via CrucisThen it was King Herod.

Via CrucisI love how they portrayed Herod.  He showed up in a limo with music rocking.  He was wearing a fur coat with tons of bling.  The crowd was dancing.  The actor really got into the role and did a great job.

Then it was Pontius Pilot:

Via CrucisYes, Pilot was a female.  And was more of a game show host (that’s how she came off to me anyway).  She kept appealing to the crowd.

Then it was time to give Jesus the cross, which was done by two angels.

Via CrucisAnd finally, Jesus carries the cross to the final scene.

Via CrucisMy Thoughts:

Again, I was utterly amazed at how approachable the whole production was and therefore how approachable Jesus was in this play.  In the picture above, I was so close to him.  There were a ton of people taking pictures and no one stopping this, which actually made the event feel more real in a weird kind of way.

Did I mention that this production was incredible?  If not…incredible.  You really feel like you are a part of it.

Next post: part III – the Crucifixion.