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The Passion continued through the streets of Helsinki as Jesus carried his cross from the site of the trial (Bank of Finland) to the final location (Lutheran Cathedral).

Along the way, we were reminded that we were being watched, or maybe watched over.

Via CrucisAnd then we arrived at the destination, the Cathedral.

Via CrucisJesus meets his mother and the embrace one last time.

Via CrucisAnd then, Jesus is crucified, between two criminals.  This was a powerful moment.  The entire cast – the good, bad and ugly are also crucified.  There’s a ton of theology here.

Via CrucisVia CrucisAfter Jesus final words, he dies.  After his death, his work is complete and we watch him leave the scene, looking back one last time.

Via CrucisAll is done.  The Tomb is empty.

Via CrucisNext post: back to Tallinn and other theological posts.