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Back to the Tallinn trip.  We decided to hit a few things off the beaten path.  One of them was Masters Courtyard.

Masters Courtyard, Tallinn, EstoniaIf you don’t know what to look for, you’d never know it was there.  It’s quite easy to pass by.  Fortunately, we found it.

It’s a cute old-looking courtyard with plenty to fill any artsy parts of any person, complete with a cafe.  And in the winter and with snow, it looks like this:

Masters Courtyard, Tallinn, EstoniaIt could pass as a post card, couldn’t it?  It definitely has an old world feel to it.  The shops are nice and add to the location.  In a way, it feels like you step into a timeless void where time has stopped still.

Masters Courtyard, Tallinn, EstoniaCare for a seat to rest your weary legs?