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After we left Catherine’s Passage, we made our way to the Viru Gates.

Viru Gates, Tallinn, EstoniaSeeing these gates in the snow was quite the sight.  When you walk along the wall, that was the defensive structure for the city, you feel that you are transported back in time, yet again.

Viru Gates, Tallinn, EstoniaThese are high walls – meant to keep people out.  Human nature, it seems, is normally focused on separation and fear.  We still have fences in our modern era, but often, the walls of separation we build now to protect ourselves are less tangible, although not always.  Often we see walls of separation within churches too – but that’s for another post.

Viru Gates, Tallinn, EstoniaRegardless, these walls are an impressive sight to see.  Oh the history they could tell if they could talk.

Viru Gates, Tallinn, EstoniaSnow makes all things pretty again.