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Tallinn has a ton of churches, just as many old historic European cities do.  The churches have an amazing history.  If only the walls could talk.  They would probably tell us stories of life, death, war, fear, joy, liturgy, sacraments, fights, power struggles, prayer, piety, law, Gospel, families, outcasts, preaching, children, laughing, crying…silence.

Dome Church, Tallinn, EstoniaThe Dome church in Tallinn would be no different.  In fact, this church is the oldest church in Tallinn, dating back to the 13th century.  It was, like many really old churches, Roman Catholic.  But when the Reformation hit the Baltic country, it became Lutheran and has remained so ever since.

Dome Church, Tallinn, EstoniaAnother neat thing around town are “monuments”, as I’m calling them, that are built right into the sides of buildings.

Dome Church, Tallinn, EstoniaIt’s a creative way to honor people who contributed to the life of Tallinn and Estonia.