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Overlooks are neat.  They have the potential to provide some truly awesome views of cities and other landscapes.

Kohtu Viewplatform, Tallinn, EstoniaAnd of course, the view changes with each season.

We got to see a beautiful view of Tallinn in winter when we were there at the end of December.  The snow on the rooftops creates a unique view.  It also brings out different views that we don’t normally see.

Kohtu Viewplatform, Tallinn, EstoniaThe view platform gives visitors such a unique way of seeing the city – seeing things from above.

Kohtu Viewplatform, Tallinn, EstoniaAnd the benefit of this is that it feels safe enough to be up that high for those of us who have a fear of heights (like I do).  I felt lucky to be able to see so much from this height.

Kohtu Viewplatform, Tallinn, EstoniaTallinn truly is a beautiful city.