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After visiting the House of Government of Estonia, we made our way over to the gates and towers by Nunne St.

Nunne St., Tallinn, EstoniaThe towers and gates and walls are impressive structures.  You can feel the medieval mindset of security when you are near these structures.

Nunne St., Tallinn, EstoniaThe purpose of walls is to keep others out and these structures are vivid reminders of the violence that humanity has done to itself.

Nunne St., Tallinn, EstoniaEven still, when you stand at the bottom, you can’t help but be in awe of these structures and how well they are made, standing for so many centuries with no sign of coming down anytime soon.

Nunne St., Tallinn, EstoniaNext to the walls and the gates, sits a quiet row of homes and businesses.

Nunne St., Tallinn, Estonia