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Temppeliaukio Church, which means temple square, but is more commonly known as  Rock Church in English, is one of my favorite locations.

Temppeliaukio Church, HelsinkiThe church gets it name because it was created right in the middle of a large rock formation on a hill in Helsinki – in the middle of a large residential section.

Temppeliaukio Church, HelsinkiIt was completed in 1969 and the Lutheran church makes good use of the church – Sunday mass and daily prayer services.  Other events happen here too – Around Easter there was a performance of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Temppeliaukio Church, HelsinkiThe organ gets a workout too with plenty of organ recitals and other musical events throughout the year.

Temppeliaukio Church, HelsinkiWhen the church is open to the public (most days, you can look up the daily schedule on the internet), you will always find people in the church, taking pictures or just sitting, taking in silence, the soft music that is playing, or praying.  It’s one of the most peaceful places in the city.

Temppeliaukio Church, HelsinkiIt’s amazing that one can be sitting in a rock and feel at peace with the world.  Awesome!