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Nuuksio ForestFor the last week, I’ve been traveling to several places – Stockholm (yes, I’ll post pictures at some time in the future, I still have to get through a couple of other trips before Stockholm), on a school camp with my daughter, and a day trip to Turku Finland.  Hence, there have been no postings on the blog for the last week.  It was nice to have a bit of a break, but now it’s time to get back to posting.

So for the first posting back, I want to share one of my favorite locations in Finland – Nuuksio National Forest in Espoo, Finland.  In case you are wonder, the picture above is the seal for Nuuksio and yes, they have flying squirrels.  Although with a family of six, it is next to impossible to find one of these critters – all animals can hear us coming from miles away.

Regardless, Nuuksio is a beautiful forest.  And a fun place too.  Who doesn’t love climbing downed trees, right?

Nuuksio ForestThis is a perfect example of the one of the key differences between Finland and the US.  Do you honestly think you would find this tree remaining right next to the trail in the US?  I would guess someone would have some kind of “safety” issue with it (aka, there would be fear of a lawsuit).  But guess what, no one got hurt and our kids weren’t the only ones who turned a tree into a fun sport.

Another great thing about Nuuksio is the sheer beauty of the place.

Nuuksio ForestThere are plenty of places with incredible views…

Nuuksio ForestBeautiful waterfalls…

Nuuksio ForestIncredible places…

Nuuksio ForestAnd well maintained paths to travel.  We even found a few unique paths that we traveled on.

Nuuksio ForestSimply beautiful.