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During my trip to Joensuu, I walked over to Joensuu Lutheran Church.  I had heard how beautiful it was.  This was my second attempt at getting inside – where the real beauty is.  But I was thwarted.  But that’s ok – there would be a third opportunity.

So for now, you get some pictures of the outside of the church and the surrounding area.

Joensuu Lutheran ChurchThe church sits up on a hill and overlooks the rest of the city.  It’s hard to miss in this small city.  One of the main streets (Kirkkokatu) run right into the church.  I suspect that it was designed that way.

Joensuu Lutheran ChurchThe church is tall and large and beautiful.

Joensuu Lutheran ChurchAnd the grounds around it are beautiful too.

Joensuu Lutheran ChurchThen again, snow makes everything look beautiful usually.

Joensuu Lutheran ChurchThat was certainly the case on this gray overcast day in February.

Next up – more shots along the river.